mardi 22 mars 2022

Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

 This Phrasal Verb dictionary offline app can be very helpful in learning English Phrasal Verbs.  

You can test your knowledge on Phrasal Verbs using various Tests provided in this App.
Each Phrasal Verb has meaning and example. Add Phrasal Verbs to favorite list.
This App has all the important Phrasal Verbs with meaning and meaning.
This can be very helpful for learning English.
This Phrasal Verbs Dictionary offline app has following features
* Offline Application
* Add important Idiom to Favorite list
* Search using intuitive search functionality.
* Flashcards.
* Multiple choice Tests
* Off line pronunciation.
* Add Verbs to Mastered list if you are familiar with that Verb.
Start learning English Phrasal Verbs with Meanings now using this beautifully designed App.